With 2017 just around the corner, we’ve been giving consideration to our future plans for the group.  As we continue to grow, we also continue to learn from our successes, along with areas that could benefit from some improvement.  The past year has provided some great opportunities for growth and Ravish Austin is going to make some specific changes in 2017.

To start with, one of the biggest changes we are going to make is no longer advertising our parties publicly.  Information about these types of events will only be distributed to those on our mailing list, they will be RSVP only, and preference is going to be given to those who have attended a Ravish social or another event previously.  As much as we dislike the idea of being “exclusive”, we believe this will be the right move.

If you haven’t already signed up, please join our mailing list today!

Next, attendance to our private events is going to be limited to an amount of people the group leaders and the venue can sustain comfortably.   As a group, we’ve simply become too big and limiting the number of attendees to a comfortable level is going to be much more manageable for us, and much more comfortable for you.  We will no longer be extending deadlines, or making last minute exceptions.  First come, first served and you will have a limited time to secure your reservation once it is approved.

In making distinction between our public and private events, we will continue to do socials every 6-8 weeks, and these will continue to be open to the public and posted on our various online communities.  With the exception of the socials and this year’s summer camp, all other events will be private and information about those events will be distributed through our mailing list as described above.   If next year’s summer camp goes as expected, we will be making a shift to this being our one big annual public event.

Finally, some news you may find rather disappointing, but this year’s Masquerade Ball will be the last one of its kind we host.  Above and beyond the time, money, and effort involved, hosting this type of event at a public venue continues to be problematic and does not allow us to make it the event we had always envisioned it to be.  No play space means having to get a room, and we know this is quite a lot to ask of most people after an already pricey admission, clothing rental/purchase etc.  One very unexpected issue we encountered this year was competition for event space from other really big events happening in town during that time of year.  I kid you not that we began planning for this year’s Freakshow Masquerade back in May.  Even at that early of a jump, ACL and Formula One nearly put an end to hosting it at all this year.  Having it on Halloween weekend was not at all what we originally planned for, but unfortunately it was all that was available.    All in all, we’ve had a very successful two years doing it, the feedback has always been amazing and this year was particularly phenomenal!  We sincerely thank everyone that participated, but it’s time we let this one go in lieu of other opportunities more inline with our vision.  We will no doubt continue hosting a fall event of some type, but this will no longer be it.

If you haven’t seen it already, our last event for the year is going be Ravish Austin’s Holiday Cocktail Social.  Please join us for the festivities and help us end the year with a bang!  If you have any questions, please feel free to post them here, or better yet…come to the social and discuss in person.  We look forward to seeing you then and expect some great things coming your way in 2017!


Your Ravish Team