After Hours FAQ

To address many of the questions we’ve had since planning for was begun, we’ve compiled answers for some of the most frequent we’ve received. Please feel free to message us should you have any others.

What is Ravish After Hours?

Drawing inspiration from the most sensual groups around the world, Ravish After Hours is a private members-only community of like-minded adults that desire to explore their innermost fantasies, fetishes, and deepest desires in a safe, beautiful, and sensually-charged environment.

What events will Ravish After Hours host and how often?

In addition to our bi-monthly socials, After Hours will host five completely new types events, one at least every other month.

Soiree – Our signature themed affair aptly based on fantasy fulfillment. Includes light appetizers, beverages, erotic theater and plenty of opportunity to mingle and engage.

Transcend – Going beyond the boundaries of our Soiree, Transcend brings together a fantasy-filled evening with an aspect of education and an acquisition of playful new skills.

Indulgence – A full course plated dinner party featuring erotic dessert. Limited to 6-12 couples depending on location.

Poolside – Our summer gathering allows guests to soak up the sun on the pool deck or lounge in the covered patio with a beverage. Festive treats and drinks will be provided. Dress code is summer pool attire or simply nude.

Retreat – A three day, two night retreat for couples desiring a prolonged, intimate weekend experience. May be accompanied with a Saturday night Soiree.

Events are generally held at luxury private residences, suites, penthouses and villas throughout Central Texas.

Do I need to be a member to attend?

Yes. Ravish After Hours is a members-only community and you and your partner must be approved members to attend.

How do I apply?

Potential members must complete an application for consideration. The application can be found on the After Hours tab on our site. The password to access the application will only be distributed to members through our various communities or through our newsletter, usually a few times per month, and it will be changed frequently.

What is your screening process?

Along with basic character vetting, potential members are screened on an unweighted scale for personal appeal, professional status, and what they may have to gain from or offer our community. The process is not arbitrary and based on a rubric scoring guide. As a general rule, and assuming you’re a good fit for our community, the more thought and information you put into your application, the better your chances will be for being approved.

How much does it cost?

Complimentary membership is free of charge and is your entry point to attending After Hours events. Upon approval, complimentary members are provided trial access to Soiree and Transcend events only, as space permits, at the full cost of admission for three months from the date of approval. Complimentary members are considered approved members regardless of trial expiration and may attend our events as an approved guest of any current membership holder.

Enthusiast members receive priority RSVP access to all After Hours events at 25% off the cost of admission for one year. The deeply discounted introductory price for this membership is $50.00 (regular price $350.00) now through December 31st.

Our rarest flowers, Juliet members receive priority RSVP, free admission to all events, and invitations to private After Hours functions not available to other members for one year from the date of purchase. The Juliet Membership is currently being offered at $2000.00.

Can I still attend After Hours events once my trial membership expires?

As stated, the Complimentary Membership is your entry point to attending After Hours events. Complimentary members are considered approved members regardless of trial expiration and any previously vetted and approved member may attend After Hours events as a guest of anyone holding a current (unexpired) membership. Your current After Hours membership is in essence a “couples” membership, provided to you without the need to keep track of who else you may want to attend with, be them spouse, partner or otherwise. “Approved”, means just that, but you won’t be able to purchase tickets or RSVP to After Hours events once your membership expires. Ticket purchases and event RSVP are reserved for current members only and any guests, including your spouse or partner, must be approved via application.

May I attend After Hours events alone?

Yes, but you are highly encouraged to attend with a guest. As a group, our membership has always been predominately female (60% female vs 40% male currently) and couples age 25-54. As such, we have never experienced an abundance of single patrons of any gender attending our events, with females being the majority. Should the need arise, we may decide to limit the amount of single entries from time to time as needed to ensure a balanced ratio.  Three years running, this has never presented an issue and we do not support gendered pricing structures designed to dissuade members of one gender from attending as many organizations do.

What is “Priority RSVP”?

Pre-sale tickets to all events will be made available to paid membership holders fifteen days in advance of selling to all members.

How do I know if I am “like-minded”, and is this for me?

Our best suggestion is review our website thoroughly, meet and socialize with our many members throughout Central Texas and decide for yourself if you’re a good fit.  Ravish socials are held every other month in Austin, and we will be expanding to surrounding cities such as San Antonio, Houston, and Dallas in 2018.