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Listen up boys and girls…Krampus is back and frankly, she’s pissed! Apparently you little darlings have not been providing enough naughty for her “Naughty List” and it’s leaving poor Krampus with way too much time on her hands. Being the good stewards we are, Ravish has stepped up on your behalf and promised to dig up some bad behavior for Krampus to reward…we mean punish!

As such, we are inviting you to join us for some mischievous fun on Saturday, December, 2nd at 8:00PM for an evening of celebration and a wicked dose of naughtiness called Krampusunacht! It will be a lot like Christmas…just replace peace and joy with fear and loathing, wholesome presents with brutal floggings, delightful eats and treats with lumps of coal, and jolly old St. Nicholas with a gruesome horned incubus named Krampus and you’ll have the general idea.

To be certain, Krampus will be stopping by to make sure you are at your worst and will be facilitating our naughty gift exchange. For your listening pleasure the sexy, sultry Ms. Sarah Arenella and a few members of her band will be joining us to perform a discriminating set of Krampus-carols. As is customary with our events, food and beverages will be provided.  The drowning tub will be nice and warm, the ruten bundles will be plentiful, and we’ll have Yule Lads and Lasses a plenty. What will YOU be adding to Krampus’ naughty list?

** Tickets Available Beginning August 1st **  $10 off through November 1st w/ discount code. Join our mailing list for details.