Main House

Original Structure – 3000 sq ft, 6 bedrooms, 4 baths.

The original structure was built in 1980, and much of it in need of remodeling and repair. Two of the upstairs “bedrooms” were little more than rooms built into an attic space with exterior walls that only span 6′ high in some places. They are both large spaces overall, but in serious need of attention. After much consideration, it was decided that the upstairs section on the right of the home will need a complete teardown and rebuild. Although the property does have a large shed behind the main house, it is absent a garage. It was decided that the existing shed will be torn down and replaced, and a proper garage addition with a two bedroom, semi-private apartment added above.

Planned Structure – 4000 sq ft, 7 bedrooms, 5.5 baths + garage.

The planned structure will include the aforementioned teardown of upstairs section on the right of the house, which will become a master suite with full bath, personal office and landing area. It will also include the addition of a garage with two semi-private apartments and full bath above.